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Raw Instincts

Duck, Turkey & Pollock

Duck, Turkey & Pollock

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Duck, Turkey & Pollock Meal is designed for those trying to feed Prey Model Raw (PMR) nutritional ratios.

Duck Turkey and Pollock Pre-grinded meals include:

  • 80% Muscular meat

  • 10% Pure Bones

  • 10% Organs (5% liver and 5% non-liver)

The meal includes:

  • Coarse ground USDA boneless Turkey

  • Ground Whole Duck

  • Duck Bone

  • Alaskan pollock fillets

  • Duck liver

Important Facts

  • Excellent source of Taurine for Cat and Ferret owners.

  • This pre-grind can be fed as a meal but is recommended supplementing to cover nutritional gaps.

  • Duck, Turkey, and Pollock is Human Grade- USDA Certified

  • Hormone and Antibiotic-free

  • Sourced in Jacksonville, FL USA

  • Owners should wash surfaces and hands when handling raw food.

  • Bags are freezable, resealable, and water-resistant.

If you are not sure how much your pet needs check out our calculator.

Custom Serving Sizes- These are individually packed serving sizes so you don’t have to worry about weighing out your pet's meals.

  • 6oz - Includes 5 individually packed bags

  • 4oz-Includes 6 individually packed bags


Raw pet food

Shipping & Returns

Once shipped you should receive it within 3days

Care Instructions

Keep in Freezer till use.

Then keep refrigerated for up to 4 days.

Wash your hands after handling raw pet food.

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