Benefits of Raw Feeding

Reduces Pet Allergies

Many pets suffer from hot spots, rashes, itchiness, flakes, and yeast overgrowth. Having a good ratio of omega fatty acids, moisture, vitamins, and minerals can reduce inflammation and make a huge difference in your pet's allergies.

Less Shedding, Fuller & Shinier Coat

When your pet is eating all the nutrients it needs to thrive, your pet will be able to have healthy skin.

Supports Weight Management

Your pet's body doesn't know how to utilize protein from excess carbs that are found in dry food. On the other hand, raw food provides healthy fat and nutrients that your pet health system knows how to use.

Dental Health

High levels of sugars & carbs in commercial foods provide the opportunity for oral bacteria in your pet's mouth.

On the other hand, raw foods act like a toothbrush to remove tartar.

Balanced Energy Levels

The ingredients in raw food help provide a greater metabolic efficiency to stabilize your pet's energy levels. This leads to your pets having consistent energy and stamina.

Why choose Raw Instincts?

  • Stone & Nella

    We’ve stuck with raw instincts for about a year now and honestly think this is one of the best raw food companies out there!! They are always looking to improve your dogs diet and help there customers in any way that they can. The main reason we’ve stuck with them is because they are trustworthy. Their food is always guaranteed to be fresh and healthy for your dog and they have various options fitting your dogs needs. The moment we unpackage a delivery my dogs are jumping for joy and when it’s time to eat they gobble it up like theres no tomorrow. Not only this but their have been massive improvements in their skin and coat. Stone struggles with different skin allergies due to certain kibble brands and switching to raw was the best thing we ever did!

  • Baxter

    Baxter’s fur momma started giving raw food to help motivate Baxter to eat. It helped him with his appetite and increase his size and muscle definition. You can follow his amazing stories @baxterthefirst.

  • Maggs

    My pup is 13 years old was being rather picky with her food and suffered healthwise because of it. But upon adding the beef and salmon mix, her levels normalized and she was back to her usual self: eating with an endless appetite and full of energy again. I am so thankful for Raw Instincts and their amazing quality products. My pup would definitely rate them higher if possible! You can follow Maggs stories on inta!

  • Brooklyn

    Everything about discovering Raw Instincts has been just fantastic, Xilo helped us through the entire process, she answered every question I had, their instagram has plenty of videos with very interesting topics and the best thing is that they don't push you to feed raw..they educate you so you can decide what feels comfortable for you and your dog. I always thought once you feed raw you can't go back and it has to be only raw all the time but you can use it as a topper, go 50/50 or all the way…their packaging is so convenient, and the way the food looks (like raw ground beef) it’s easy to the eye for whoever doesn't feel comfortable handling raw food…the variety of flavors and extra products, the great customer service, the personal delivery and the warmth, besides all that, the most important thing is the positive changes we have seen in our dog…her fur is soft and shiny..her breath has changed, her health is perfect and even my allergies are better…switching to Raw food with Raw Instincts has been a wonderful experience and knowing we are doing the best for our dog’s health gives us peace of mind...
    We love Xilo and We love Raw Instincts

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Hi! I'm Xilo & this is Ziggy

Raw feeding saved Ziggy my Shiba Inu from a lifetime of medication. Raw feeding keeps Ziggy's allergies under control, his health top-notch and it has the potential to change the lives of millions of pets. Raw Instincts was created as a love letter to raw feeding. Each pet who is introduced to raw food can experience major changes in their quality of life.

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