Common Questions when Starting Raw feeding

How can I calculate my pets daily food requirement?

check out our Meal Calc here: https://rawinstinctsmia.com/pages/meal-calc

I am new to raw feeding where do I start?

Get your pets, Age, weight, and activity level- we need this information to calculate how much food your pet is going to need. If you’re just trying to supplement raw this information is also necessary.

For Pet’s activity level if your cat or dog is just a normal house pet use the lowest activity level, if your pet goes on a total of 1.3-2hrs a day outside use moderate activity. 

Head to our meal calc put all the information on our calculator and it will give you what you need for 100% raw feeding

The chart underneath (meal calc) gives you an estimate of what it would look like for your cat or dog to feed per week.

Now that you know what it would take to feed your cat or dog per day and per week you can now decide what % of raw food you would like to feed your pet.

What protein do I start with? 

We recommend starting with the protein that your pet currently has on the menu. Check your dry food, canned food, or cooked food ingredients and see if it’s chicken, beef, or salmon based. If your pet’s food is chicken based then I would recommend starting with chicken and turkey. If your pet’s food is beef then I would recommend starting with our beef

After they have gotten acquainted with the texture of the raw food and you monitor the stool and they like the food. 

Then you can start adding in new variety. I like to say at the beginning of raw feeding start with the basics like Beef, Beef & Salmon, Chicken, Turkey, or Pork. (if they have allergies I don’t recommend doing any of our poultry mixes) If you go with our novel proteins and they have never had raw before they most likely will not like it as novel proteins have a more gamey taste making it even weirder for your pet as a first-time raw feeder. A couple of months down the line then of course you can try our other blends like goat or venison.

My pet suffers from allergies what do you recommend starting with?

Allergies have to do a lot with your pet’s being flared up inside, raw pet food helps with anti-inflammatory benefits. I recommend starting with our Beef and Salmon or our Duck, Turkey, and Pollock. Both of these have fish that have Omega-3s which helps reduce allergy symptoms. Along with either one of these, we recommend adding in either bone broth or goat milk which has a great amount of pro and pre-biotics that also help provide aid to your pet’s allergy symptoms.

If your pet has Poultry allergies: please start with our Beef & Salmon 

If your pet has Beef allergies: please start with our Novel proteins like Rabbit, Venison, or Lamb

Once you notice changes in your pet you should be safe to start rotating other proteins. We like to make sure to always recommend variety in your pet’s diet.

My dog suffers from gi issues what do you recommend for that?

GI issues have to do a lot with your pet’s microbiome, but luckily raw pet food helps heal your pet’s microbiome. I recommend starting with our Beef and Salmon meal with beef green tripe that helps soothe your pet’s gastrointestinal issues and either bone broth or goat milk that has a great amount of pro and pre-biotics that also help provide aid to your pet’s GI.

Once you notice changes in your pet you should be safe to start rotating other proteins. We like to make sure to always recommend variety in your pet’s diet.

Do my pet’s nutritional requirements change?

YES! During the first 6 months of your pet’s life, their requirements change monthly. After the first 6 months they change every 2months and then once they reach 1 year and ½ then they can be fed the same till the end of time. This although can change based on activity level. For example, if your pet is a working pet their caloric needs are much higher than a dog at home with daily walks.

Can my Cat eat your food?

Yes, our food is made for Cats and Dogs.

And for all life stages.

We always recommend to supplement your pets meals.

I have a puppy/kitten is it safe for them to eat raw food?

Yes, raw food can be fed as soon as your pup or kitten is weaned off its mom.

I have a senior dog/cat can is it too late for them to start raw?

No, it’s never too late to start raw feeding. Although older pets cats or dogs might be accustomed to their food and it might take a little patience on your part to get them to eat raw food. Before starting raw I recommend with older pets to start by hydrating their bowl, you can do this by adding bone broth, Keifer, or goat milk and see how they do with that. Then start adding in some raw after since the texture of raw food is completely different than dry foods by adding in some hydration they will get used to the texture and approach raw foods with a more open mind.

I have a cat, besides your meals what else do you recommend we supplement with?

Cats have a requirement for taurine. Although our meals are high in protein, we recommend adding eggs, and other treats that can be used as a topper high in taurine. This can be smelts, anchovies, or beef hearts. All are high in taurine and great supplements to your cat’s diet.

What do you recommend I feed besides your meals to my dog/dogs?

What a great question! My top 3 suggestions are always Eggs, Beef Green Tripe, and some extra hydration you can do bone broth, goat milk, or Keifer. I’ll throw in an extra one being some fish we have a variety of fish options in our treat/toppers section. You don’t have to feed these in 1 sitting you can rotate them throughout the week. Remember we want to balance your pets meals over time.

What's a topper?

A topper is a treat that can be used on top of the raw food or can be used as a treat. That’s why we call them toppers or treats.  Due to our treats being single-ingredients their health benefits are many.

What resources do you recommend for me to research raw feeding?

Is your food HPP treated?

No, our food does not go through HPP Processing.

Is your food denatured?

No, none of our food has any denatured animals.

Are your meals "complete" ?

woah! this is a loaded question get ready for a long response.

In short according to AAFCO guidelines NO our meals to not meet their "requirements." AAFCO guidelines are built for processed foods where companies need to synthetically add nutrients since they are selling dead nutrient product. Even raw companies that sell "complete" meals have to add synthetic nutrients to be able to meet AAFCO guidelines. So our meals do not meet AAFCO guidelines due to there being NO additives.

Now, if you're a raw feeder or new to raw feeding complete might mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

There are many types of raw feeder categories so we like to say our blends are the baseline.

Prey model raw is 80% muscle meat, 10% bone 10% organs (5% of that liver)

Its the purest baseline and you as a pet parent choose how you want to supplement if you believe your pet needs veggies add veggies, if you believe your pet needs fish add fish ect...

That being said,

There is NO such thing as a complete meal because all animal proteins have different nutrients percentages and vitamins so there is not one animal protein that will meet all your pets needs if fed with no additives. This is why it's so crucial to rotate different proteins in your pets diet.

Focus on balancing your pets meals over time and NOT daily.

I've heard PMR doesn't hit all my pets requirements what is missing?

We like to call our blends baseline because if you just feed our blends without anything else your pet might be deficient in the following:

  • Zinc : Raw Eggs, Keifer, Goat Milk and Meat products
  • Magnesium: Goat Milk, Fish
  • Manganese: Bone Broth, Mussels, Beef Green Tripe, Fur or feathers.
  • Iodine: Eggs, anything from the sea like fish, mussels, oysters, dairy products, kelp, liver and real salt we love Edmunds a great source of iodine naturally.
  • Vitamin E: Found in Fish like Salmon
  • Vitamin D: Eggs, Fish or Mushrooms
  • Omega-3: Grass Fed Animals, Eggs or mushrooms.

Please don't let this overwhelm you this is something you do not need to feed daily as long as you rotate items throughout the week you're fine. If you read through the list one more time you can see that these can be hit with just the top 4 things I always say to supplement with.

Eggs, Fish toppers, goat milk or bone broth and tripe.

Also why I love recommending our Beef and Salmon or our Duck, Turkey and Pollock blend.

We also have supplements on our extras page if you rather just scoop something to your pets raw food.

Is your beef grass-fed?

The beef we source is grass fed but not grass finished.

Do I need to cook the food?

No need, our food is ready-to-serve! All you need to do is to weight out your pets serving size. You can serve it directly from the fridge or add a touch of hot water if your dog or cat prefers warm food. If you are not ready to use our food keep in the freezer till you are ready to feed.

Is your food suitable for puppies?

Yes! our food is made of all life stages.

Is your food suitable for kittens?

Yes! our food is made for all life stages of your pet.

Common Questions about our Treats/Toppers

Do your treats need to be refrigerated?

No, our single-ingredient treats are already dehydrated and not raw. As long as you keep them in your pantry in a cool, dry place your good to go.

What treats are good for dental health?

For dental health we recommend:

  • Raw Meaty bones (4pack) for small or medium sized pets (tiny or small dogs)
  • Raw Single bone for Medium or Large dogs
  • Beef Trachea (2pack) for Medium or large pets
  • Beef Trachea (4pack) for small pets (dogs and cats)
  • Beef Pizzle (braided for small pets /coil for larger pets)
  • Beef Tendons: for Medium and large sized (dogs)
  • Duck Heads for dogs or cats of all sizes
  • Frog Legs great for small to medium sized pets, can be used as a treat or topper for large pets
  • Chicken Feet great for tiny, small and medium sized pets, can be used as a topper or treat for large pets (dogs and cats)
  • Chicken Necks great for tiny, small and medium sized pets can be used as treat or topper for large pets (dogs and cats)
  • Duck Feet great for tiny, small and medium sized pets can be used as treat or topper for large pets (dogs and cats)
  • Rabbit Feet great for tiny, small and medium sized pets can be used as treat or topper for large pets great for tiny, small and medium sized pets can be used as treat or topper for large pets. (dogs and cats)
  • Chicken Heads great for tiny, small and medium sized pets can be used as treat or topper for large pets (dogs)
  • Beef Ear: great for Medium and Large sized pets (dogs)

What treats are for cats?

All our treats are for cats and dogs! its all about if your Cat would eat them.

If your new to raw feeding and single ingredient treats then we recommend going for anything fish or heart related. Heart is high in Taurine and cats by nature just go for it. I say start out with our Chicken hearts or our small fish Salmon, Atlantic silversides or smelts.

First time feeding single-ingredient treats what should I pick?

I would recommend any of our Top selling treats

  • Any of fish treats: Salmon, Smelts, Silversides or Sardines
  • Pork Loin
  • Chicken Hearts
  • Beef Heart

What are the different benefits between your treats?

What a great question! Luckily for you if you check each each of our treats in the product description you should see all the benefits of each treat described.

Shipping Questions

Where do you Ship?

Our Single Inreadient treats, toppers and Extras all are available to ship to both US and Canada.

All our Raw Meals, and Raw meaty bones are available to ship domestically to all states in the US.

A friendly remember we only ship out orders on Mondays to ensure our product arrives before the weekend.

Do you offer same day delivery?

Unfortunately we do not offer same-day delivery.

I selected Local Delivery Option, when will I get my order?

Local Deliveries are done 2 times a week: Mondays and Thursdays.

Orders or subscriptions place between Thursday and Sunday will be delivered Monday

Orders placed between Mondays and Wednesdays will be delivered on Thursdays.

Local Deliveries are delivered during working hours between 9am and 2pm. If you are not home we will leave at your front door and send you a picture with delivery . We recommend leaving a small cooler in front of your home if not there to accept delivery.

If any other questions please feel free to email us at: info@rawinstinctsmia.com

I selected shipping when will my order ship out?

All orders ship out on the following Monday based on your order.

Once your order is shipped it will arrive at your home within 1-3days.

We use UPS for delivery and their days work as follows:

1 day delivery means: Ship day Monday / Delivery Day Tuesday

2 day delivery means: Ship day Monday / Delivery Day Wednesday

3 day delivery means: Ship day Monday / Delivery Day Thursday

For ship day Example: you place an order on Tuesday, your order will ship out that following Mon.

You place an order on Sunday your order will ship out the day after on Monday.

Do I have to be home when my food is delivered?

No, even if you are not home. The driver will drop off the food.

What's your refund/cancel policy?

We will replace/refund customers for lost/damaged boxes/products caused by the carrier or us.

Once the order arrives to your home damaged we need 5-7 pictures and 1 video of the products showing the damage to file a claim with UPS. We need these pictures /videos within 3 days of you receiving the food. If sent after that period of time we will not be able to file a claim and will not be able to refund/credit you back any funds for the damages.

Due to the nature of our product, we do not offer refunds or replacement orders.

We DO NOT refund/replace orders if the customer has moved and has not provided us with a change of address.

What happens if my order arrived thawed out?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that orders will arrive fully frozen. Our team tries our best and hardest to package your product safely so that it arrives at your home in the condition it needs to be.

The good news is! If it's thawed out you can simply re-freeze it. There is nothing you should be worried about when thawing and re-freezing meat for pet food.

Don't be scared of your pets raw food think about it like getting meat at your local grocery store. When you purchase ground beef or chicken you're purchasing it thawed and you simply go home and re-freeze what you're not using at the moment and put in the fridge if going to use within the next 4 days. It works the same with our shipment of raw food we ship in an insulated box with ice packs and will arrive cold when you receive the box. We recommend ordering at least 8-10lbs of product to maintain a cool temperature in the box.

By purchasing our products, you are releasing Raw Instincts LLC of any guarantee that the product will be fully frozen upon delivery.

Unfortunately, we cannot control the shipping carriers, and we do our best to ensure that your order is packed with sufficient insulation and coolant for transit time.

What is the minimum order requirement?

For Local orders:

$0-$59.99 Delivery Fee $4.99

$60 and up Free

For Shipment the fee is based on your location. We recommend to purchase at min 10lbs of food to maintain a good temperature in the shipment.

For Local Deliveries if not home upon delivery we recommend to leave a cooler out to maintain temperature of meat.

How do I know if the food is safe to feed when it arrives?

As long as one pack is still partially frozen and all packs are cold to the touch, theyʼre safe to feed and safe to refreeze!

Do you ship international?

Sorry but that this time we do not ship outside of the USA

Common Issues when starting Raw Feeding

Dog or Cat Refuses to eat

Sometimes we get excited at all the benefits of raw food that we get home, and our pup or cat takes a sniff and walks away from it. Don’t get dismayed your not the only one this happens to.

If your pet is used to eating kibble or canned food their whole life this new food is very different. There are a couple of ways to deal with it, but it will take some work and patience on your end. Easiest way is to just put the raw meal in front your pet and then walk away if they have not finished it in 15min place it back in the fridge till dinner time. Do this for the next couple days, once they are hungry trust me, they will eat it. (Never do this with a pet younger than 1yr old) Fasting your pet is not something you should be scared about but if you’ve reached over 5 days. There are some tricks to making the food more appealing, add in some bone broth to the meal, you can also lightly cook the meal, add in some tripe or sprinkle some cheese on top.

Your pet's stool is runny

This is common during the initial transition period. Your pet’s stomach is used to processing fillers and starches from kibble and they just need some time to adapt. Give them about 1-2 weeks for your pets stool to become firm.

My dog or cat isn't eating all the food

If your pet is not eating all his or her food, it is most likely due to overfeeding. Make sure you’re weighing out your pets’ servings when feeding raw. Add in some raw eggs, tripe or bone broth to make more enticing if your are feeding the correct serving size.

My dog/cat threw up right after he/she ate raw food

This can happen for 2 reasons eating too fast or due to a sudden change in diet.

If your pet ate too fast, we recommend buying a lick mat to create enrichment and to slow down the eating.

If you have just switched your pet to a raw diet, then it was regurgitation. This happens because your pet’s stomach was expecting their normal (kibble) food and prepared the wrong enzymes to digest the food. Please do not panic, simply skip their next meal, and serve again the next day. Adding in some tripe can help as well.

Unless your pet vomits multiple times in short window of time and can’t hold down water you don’t need to rush to the vet.

My dog/cat threw up hours after eating raw

Generally, this occurs because your pet is lacking the proper enzymes to digest the pathogens in raw meat. Most likely has a PH imbalance in the gut (generally from a dry kibble diet). This means you should slow down your transition period. Our recommendation would be to cut the amount of raw you’re serving into 1/3 and add in some probiotics that can help aid your pet. We recommend goats milk or kefir you can mix this in with the food and see how your pet does daily. You then would adjust depending on how they are doing. If your pet, then refuses to eat the food we recommend visiting a holistic vet for more guidance on transitioning.