Shipping Questions

Do you offer same day delivery?

We do not offer same-day delivery but we are available for same-day delivery via Instacart if in South FL please check us out on the platform.

I selected Local Delivery Option, when will I get my order?

Once we get your order, with the information you provide on your purchase we will send out a text message within 24hrs. Then we will confirm your estimated time of delivery give or take 1hr from the time given.

The only exception is Sundays we do not deliver on Sundays. If an order is placed Friday delivery eta is Mon.

If any other questions please feel free to email us at: info@rawinstinctsmia.com

I selected shipping when will my order ship out?

All orders ship out on the following Monday based on your order.

Once your order is shipped it will arrive at your home within 1-3days.

Example: you place an order on Tuesday, your order will ship out that following Mon.

You place an order on Sunday your order will ship out the day after on Monday.

Do I have to be home when my food is delivered?

No, even if you are not home. The driver will drop off the food.

What's your refund/cancel policy?

We will replace/refund customers for lost/damaged boxes/products caused by the carrier or us.

Due to the nature of our product, we do not offer refunds or replacement orders.

We DO NOT refund/replace orders if the customer has moved and has not provided us with a change of address.

What happens if my order arrived thawed out?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that orders will arrive fully frozen. Our team tries our best and hardest to package your product safely so that it arrives at your home in the condition it needs to be.

The good news is! If it's thawed out you can simply re-freeze it. There is nothing you should be worried about when thawing and re-freezing meat for pet food.

By purchasing our products, you are releasing Raw Instincts LLC of any guarantee that the product will be fully frozen upon delivery.

Unfortunately, we cannot control the shipping carriers, and we do our best to ensure that your order is packed with sufficient insulation and coolant for transit time.

What is the minimum order requirement?

For Local orders:

$0-$59.99 Delivery Fee $4.99

$60 and up Free

For Shipment the fee is based on your location. We recommend to purchase at min 10lbs of food.

Where do you Ship?

Our Single Inreadient treats, toppers and Extras all are available to ship to both US and Canada.

All our Raw Meals, and Raw meaty bones are available to ship domestically to all states in the US.

Common Issues when starting Raw Feeding

Dog or Cat Refuses to eat

Sometimes we get excited at all the benefits of raw food that we get home, and our pup or cat takes a sniff and walks away from it. Don’t get dismayed your not the only one this happens to.

If your pet is used to eating kibble or canned food their whole life this new food is very different. There are a couple of ways to deal with it, but it will take some work and patience on your end. Easiest way is to just put the raw meal in front your pet and then walk away if they have not finished it in 15min place it back in the fridge till dinner time. Do this for the next couple days, once they are hungry trust me, they will eat it. (Never do this with a pet younger than 1yr old) Fasting your pet is not something you should be scared about but if you’ve reached over 5 days. There are some tricks to making the food more appealing, add in some bone broth to the meal, you can also lightly cook the meal, add in some tripe or sprinkle some cheese on top.

Your pet's stool is runny

This is common during the initial transition period. Your pet’s stomach is used to processing fillers and starches from kibble and they just need some time to adapt. Give them about 1-2 weeks for your pets stool to become firm.

My dog or cat isn't eating all the food

If your pet is not eating all his or her food, it is most likely due to overfeeding. Make sure you’re weighing out your pets’ servings when feeding raw. Add in some raw eggs, tripe or bone broth to make more enticing if your are feeding the correct serving size.

My dog/cat threw up right after he/she ate raw food

This can happen for 2 reasons eating too fast or due to a sudden change in diet.

If your pet ate too fast, we recommend buying a lick mat to create enrichment and to slow down the eating.

If you have just switched your pet to a raw diet, then it was regurgitation. This happens because your pet’s stomach was expecting their normal (kibble) food and prepared the wrong enzymes to digest the food. Please do not panic, simply skip their next meal, and serve again the next day. Adding in some tripe can help as well.

Unless your pet vomits multiple times in short window of time and can’t hold down water you don’t need to rush to the vet.

My dog/cat threw up hours after eating raw

Generally, this occurs because your pet is lacking the proper enzymes to digest the pathogens in raw meat. Most likely has a PH imbalance in the gut (generally from a dry kibble diet). This means you should slow down your transition period. Our recommendation would be to cut the amount of raw you’re serving into 1/3 and add in some probiotics that can help aid your pet. We recommend goats milk or kefir you can mix this in with the food and see how your pet does daily. You then would adjust depending on how they are doing. If your pet, then refuses to eat the food we recommend visiting a holistic vet for more guidance on transitioning.