• Raw food helps reduce your pets allergies

    Many pets suffer from hot spots, rashes, itchiness, flakes and yeast overgrowth. These problems are mostly from inflammation or an allergic response to something in the environment or food.

    These problems can be solved with good gut health.

    A good ration of omega fatty acids, moisture, vitamins and minerals can reduce inflammation and make a huge difference in your pets allergies.

    What we recommend for dogs with allergies 
  • Raw food helps stabilize your pets energy levels

    The ingredients in raw food help provide greater metabolic efficiency which leads to a consistent energy and greater stamina for your pet.

  • Fuller, Shinier Coat & less Shedding

    Does your pet suffer from a DULL, DRY COAT? Its probably because the gut is not happy.

    When your pet is eating all the nutrients it needs to thrive your pet will be able to have healthy skin.

    Omega Fatty acids will be able to hold on to hair follicles and shedding is also reduced.

    Raw diets also reduce pet odor!

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  • Dental Health

    Dental Disease affects 70% of Cats and Dogs

    High levels of sugars & carbs in commercial foods provide the availability for oral bacteria

    Raw Foods act as a toothbrush to remove tartar

    Raw Bones also help with pets dental health check out our raw bones 
  • Smaller, less frequent stools

    Your pets digestive system uses all the nutrients of the raw food and expels less since it uses up almost all the nutrients!

  • Better weight management

    Lack of Exercise and poor diet affects about 50% of all cats and dogs

    Pets won’t deal with excess carbs from dry food so your pet will be able to utilize protein and healthy fat and nutrients that the raw food provides.

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