Bone Broth at Pets super food

Bone Broth at Pets super food

Benefits of bone broth

  • Joint support

  • Dry & itchy skin relief

  • hydration

  • Strong immune system

  • Liver detox

How to add bone broth to your pets bowl

  • Pour it on top of your pets food bowl

  • Freeze into ice cubes

  • Warm up and rehydrate Freeze dried food

  • serve by itself

Facts about the bone broth we source

  • Grass fed bones

  • Simmered 20+ hours

  • Herb infused

  • Low carb

  • Low calorie

  • Made in USA

Main ingredients in the bone broth we source

  • Raw bones

  • Marrow & knuckle bones

    • provides minerals and protein rich broth

  • Apple cider vinegar

    • acts a solvent drawing collagen and calcium out of the bones

  • Thyme

    • anti septic & anti bacterial properties

    • promotes brain, skin & digestive health

    • immune booster

  • Dandelion

    • great antioxidant properties

      1. aids in liver support

  • Parsley

    • packed with vitamin a & vitamin c

    • promotes bone health due to high amounts of vitamin k

  • purified water

    • filtered with carbon filter, reverse osmosis and uv treated

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