Can my pet get sick from Salmonella?

Can my pet get sick from Salmonella?

Let’s first ask how does Salmonella survive?

  • Salmonella can only survive in high pH conditions (4-8+)

  • Salmonella also requires at least 12hrs to reach incubation.

How does it not affect Pets?

  • Pet’s have hydrochloric acid in the stomach which protects against pathogens.

  • Pets stomach is highly acidic

  • How acidic? About a pH level of 1

    • So acidic that salmonella is unlikely to survive

  • In any case that it would survive the acidic levels your pet’s digestive system. Your pets digestive track is very different from ours. We have two intestines a long one and a short one so our digestion takes a long time to process food, but your pets digestive track is short. Since pets only have a short digestive track, their digestive track is about 4-6hrs. In any case that bacteria such as salmonella is ingested and killed in the stomach. It will then pass within 4-6 hours as waste.

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