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Turkey Meal

Turkey Meal

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Planning a nutritious and well-balanced meal for your dog? Turkey Meal is perfect for those following a Prey Model Raw (PMR) diet! Our Turkey Dog food Miami includes 80% muscle meat, 10% pure bones, and 10% organs, all sourced from USDA certified turkey here in the USA. The muscle meat is ground up fine, making it easy to digest, and the organs are also included for added nutrition. Turkey Meal is completely human grade, hormone and antibiotic free, so you can feel good about feeding it to your beloved pet. Plus, it's easy to prepare - just thaw and serve! Manufacturer recommends supplementing this meal with other foods to cover any nutritional gaps.s.

Pre-grinded meal includes:

  • 80% Muscular meat

  • 10% Pure Bones

  • 10% Organs (5% liver and 5% non-liver)

Turkey Meal includes:

  • Ground-up USDA certified Turkey meat

  • Fine ground turkey bone

  • Turkey gizzards

  • Turkey heart

  • Turkey liver

Important Facts:

  • Cat and Ferret owners must add a taurine supplement.

  • This pre-grind can be fed as a meal but is recommended supplementing to cover nutritional gaps.

  • Turkey Meal is Human Grade

  • Hormone and antibiotic-free

  • Sourced in Jacksonville, FL USA

  • Owners should wash surfaces and hands when handling raw food.

  • Bags are freezable, resealable, and water-resistant.

If you are not sure how much your pet needs check out our calculator.

Custom Serving Sizes- These are individually packed serving sizes so you don’t have to worry about weighing out your pet's meals.

  • 6oz - Includes 5 individually packed bags

  • 4oz-Includes 6 individually packed bags

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Raw pet food

Shipping & Returns

Once shipped you should receive it within 3days

Care Instructions

Keep in Freezer till use.

Then keep refrigerated for up to 4 days.

Wash your hands after handling raw pet food.

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